Cold Water Baptism

Cold Water Baptism

This week one of our Chinese friends visited us in Barss Corner, along with his young family. He shared his story in our church service, of how he came to know and trust Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour. He is part of a good church in the USA, where they are living, but … Continue reading

Looking back: Tidal Impact 2017

The following is a short article I wrote for New Germany Connections, following last summer’s Tidal Impact program… Every 2 years, Baptist youth groups from across Atlantic Canada descend on a chosen region, ready to serve and to learn. This year they came Halifax, Lunenburg, and Queens counties. Our two little churches (Barss Corner Baptist … Continue reading

Sneaky Giving: How to give locally

Do you remember a commercial that used to be on TV, about a father and his children sneaking groceries onto their poor neighbour’s doorstep? There’s something really beautiful about blessing the people who live around us. There are big, effective organizations that help us to give to people in other parts of the world (which … Continue reading

Ministry with Mexican Migrant Workers

Dec. 14, 2017. By Pastor Sam Jess, Monday night this week I went to see three houses full of Mexican migrant workers, 30 men, to say “adios.” They were on their way to the airport. Many of them had been here 8 months working in the Christmas tree industry. Some of them have been … Continue reading

Craig Keener on Miracles

A few weeks ago, I preached about miracles and I showed the church the big 1000 page, 2 volume book that Craig Keener wrote, which is full of well-documented accounts of miracles. If you don’t feel up to reading those big books, then you can listen to him tell some of the stories in lecture … Continue reading

Interview with Rosaria Butterfield

Rosaria Butterfield is an important figure for Christians to listen to, for us to learn how to love and care for homosexuals while sharing the truth with them. She tells how she was well loved by a local pastor and his family and his church, and how that turned her world upside down. Hear her … Continue reading