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Recordings etc. for July 12

We were very happy to begin worshiping in person again last Sunday (9:30 AM in Parkdale). If you are curious about spacing, there is plenty of room for more people to come: e.g., we didn’t have to use the (comfy) seats in the foyer last week, or the balcony, etc, so maybe one of them … Continue reading

Recordings for July 5…

We will have our first in-person church service tomorrow (July 5) at 9:30 AM at the church in Parkdale. But some people have jobs or medical conditions that make them have to take extra precautions and therefore can’t join us in person, and we support you in staying safe. That’s why I’m sending these recordings… … Continue reading

Reopening Guidelines

Safety Guidelines: Returning to Church During COVID 19 Emmanuel Baptist Church of Parkdale-Maplewood, July 2, 2020 God commands you to love him with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. That is why we gather. God also commands us to “love your neighbour as yourself.” That is why we are taking these precautions. Church services … Continue reading

to worship at home, June 28

Gideon seemed serious about God. But he didn’t notice a very serious problem in his spiritual life. He had a blind spot, and some terrible idol worship was there in his life because of it. What is in your blind spot? How can you check for the dangers of idolatry there? Short Version, 12 mins … Continue reading

Returning to church, July 5

The deacons and I are pleased to announce that, Lord willing, we will gather in the church for weekly worship again beginning July 5. (9:30 in Parkdale, 11:00 in Barss Corner) I will send out a more detailed plan next week of what to expect and precautions to follow, but the following are a few … Continue reading

To worship at home, June 21

What do you do when you’re not sure about God? Gideon shows us what to do: be urgent and on purpose to find out whether it is really God who is calling you or not. Short Version, 11 mins (because sometimes less is more). : watch the video here, or listen on Soundcloud here, or … Continue reading

to worship at home, June 14

Is God with us or not? True heroes wrestle over that question. This week’s sermon introduces us to Gideon, and what happens in his soul when God starts to work through him. I recorded a short version and a long version for you… (you get extra points if you tell me you listened to both … Continue reading

to worship at home, June 7

This week’s sermon is about the treatment of women in the book of Judges: when our hearts turn away from God, we will treat women dishonourably as a consequence. And when we turn to God and act honourably toward women, that can be groundwork for deep revival. Here are the links: Watch the video here. … Continue reading

to worship at home, May 31

I’ve been studying the book of Judges in these pandemic months, and I aim now to preach from it through the summer. We begin at the most familiar part: the fall of Samson. I’ve wondered for years what to make of Samson and what God was doing in him, and I feel like I’m finally … Continue reading

to worship at home, May 24

When Jesus was about to be separated from his disciples, he prayed that his Father would make them holy by his truth, that is, by his word (John 17:17). This week’s sermon, “A Dying Man’s Prayer,” is about how God will answer that prayer for us, as Christ’s disciples today. Here are the links… The … Continue reading