To worship at home, May 10

Happy Mothers’ Day to all you mothers out there. I didn’t preach a Mothers’ day sermon as such, but it is about being wise, and it will honour our mothers very much for us to be wise and to live wisely.
This week’s sermon is from Ephesians 1:17-19. Paul, being away from the church he loves in Ephesus, prays that God will give their hearts spiritual “wisdom and revelation.” May God give that to our hearts, too.

  • You can hear it on Soundcloud here, on Dropbox here, or on Crosspreach here.
  • I made a video of it, and you can watch it here. (Whereas last week, I couldn’t upload the video because its resolution was too high, I think I might have gone too far in the other direction this week, and it is pretty poor quality. Give me enough weeks of this pandemic and I will learn…)
  • You can read the sermon notes here.
  • You can hear three hymns and a prayer here. The words to the hymns are here.
  • This week’s Bible study is on a couple of verses about gratitude in 1 Corinthians, and how that related to “work that endures”. The study questions are here, and you can hear me talk about my answers to those questions here. I am very interested to hear your answers (or puzzlement) to these questions, please feel very free to phone me or email me.
  • I put discs and notes for the coming Sunday into the green flyers boxes every Thursday, for people who can’t get this stuff online, in the Barss Corner church parking lot and in the Maplewood Hall parking lot. If you know anyone who can’t get them and would like me to drop them off at their house or mail it to them, please let me know


  • The deacons and I have looked into the possibility of drive-in worship services, and it just doesn’t look feasible to us, especially with blackfly season arriving. Let’s pray we will be back together indoors soon.
  • I asked last week about a deep freeze for some folks who are moving here. One has been found now. Thank you.

On the web... As mothers long for their children to be wise, here are some resources to help those children be wise toward God. (Of course these are very good for grownups, too. I find it hard to keep pretending that I already know all this stuff — my children are starting to realize that I’m learning as much as they are…)

  • Songs for Saplings. Multiple albums of high quality, can’t-get-it-out-of-my-head catchy music to helps us learn Bible verses and question-and-answer catechism lessons. You can listen to it free online. Or we have paid for downloads for the church, so I can send you a CD of the files. You can listen to it in French and Spanish, too (and multiple other languages.)
  • New City Catechism is a list of 52 questions and answer to help people (young and old) to learn the key lessons of the Christian faith. We have been doing one question per week after supper every day in our house since January. I’m sure it’s not perfect, but it’s been very good.
  • Some old, classic children’s novels are loaded with the gospel. We found Heidi very encouraging. One great thing about older books is that you can not only read them for free online or download free ebooks, but you can also listen to them for free.
  • Janet and Geoff Benge have written a pile of books of stories of Christian heroes. We have been enjoying them thoroughly, they are very well written. You can get them as Kindle books here.
  • Novels by Patricia St. John are loaded with well written gospel content. My favourite one is here.
  • The Bible Project is a treasure of extremely well done videos of stories, books, topics etc. in the Bible. Free to watch.
  • Pilgrim’s Progressis a classic old Christian story in a new animated movie. Watch it for free (for a limited time) here.
  • Hymn writers Keith and Kristyn Getty and their little girls have been doing a weekly online hymn sing from their home. A bit raucous, but very uplifting. They had people from over 60 countries join in to sing along last week, if I remember right. Click here for to get this coming week’s lyrics and see the live event, or watch last week’s on youtube.
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