Prayer day, May 1, and conference calls

We are asking that, if possible, people in our two churches commit this Friday, May 1, as a special day of prayer. You can go about that in whatever way works for you, but here are some suggestions…

I will host a brief conference call to start and end the day, at 8:30 AM and at 8:30 PM. Feel free to join one or both or neither. We will pray the Lord’s prayer together, and whoever wants to take a turn praying can, or no one, or people can share prayer needs or words of encouragement. The number to call (toll free) is 800-747-5150. It will ask you for an access code, which is 644 1013. It is fairly simple to use.

As for how you might use your day or some chunks of it, here are some suggestions:

When I commit a chunk of time to serious prayer, I often divide it up as follows… (for example, if I go for a long walk on a rectangle-shaped route, I will pray pray each of the four parts on one of the sides of the rectangle). The four parts spell “ACTS”, for Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication

Adoration: spend time focusing on how great and good God is, and tell him about it. Read parts of the Bible that are excited about God. (E.g., Psalm 118, Psalm 150, Revelation 4-5, etc.) Take a hymnal with you, and read or sing great hymns of praise to God.

Confession: tell God about what you have done that you shouldn’t have, or what you should have done that you didn’t. He loves hearing it, and forgiving you. Pursue that feeling of cleanness that comes from really exercising and believing 1 John 1:9. Read through the 10 Commandments and confess the ways you’ve fallen short of them, or Matthew 5-7. Pray Psalm 51. Confess to God how sinful we have been as a church, as a society, etc, like in Daniel 9. Let’s humble ourselves before our Holy God, and let’s find that he is merciful.

Thanksgiving: thank God for ways he has answered prayers, done great things, blessed us richly, honoured and comforted people around us, etc. Thank God for the littlest things and for the biggest things.

Supplication (literally, “asking“). In the midst of this pandemic, ask God to bring healing both of bodies and of souls. Pray for Government leaders by name, and especially public health officials. Pray for our nursing homes (especially Rosedale) and for our hospitals, and their staffs and patients. Pray for revival in our communities, for repentance where there is division, for humility where there is pride. Pray for places in the world that have been or are about to be ravaged by the pandemic and by economic fallout. Etc. Etc. Etc.

There is an article about “How to Spend a Day in Prayer” that I have often found extremely helpful, at

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