Announcements, Recordings, etc., Emmanuel Baptist, June 8, 2019

Sleep in a little bit tomorrow (June 9) because church will be an hour later. Our annual Rural Life Church Service will be at 10:30 at the Parkdale church, followed by a pot-luck of finger-foods in the church vestry. Malcolm Beckett will be our guest speaker.

  • Someone asked me to share photos of the new parsonage kitchen. You can see some photos at
  • On a related note, the BLA extends a “huge” thank you to everyone who supported the plant/bake/yard sale in Barss Corner last weekend.
  • Next Saturday, June 15 there is an event at Weston Christian Fellowship Church, near Berwick, featuring Tom Tripp of Creation Ministries International ( It begins at 3 PM and concludes after the complementary supper. I think they probably would appreciate people RSVP’ing if they plan to attend, you can email Topics include Dinosaurs, the solar system, and evolutionary theory. (I would have liked to attend, but I was already committed to going somewhere else that afternoon by the time I heard about it. I’ve appreciated the articles I’ve read from their website.)
  • Many Christians in both Nova Scotia and Kenya were shocked this week to hear of Randy Legassie’s sudden death. I think both of our churches supported the Legassies during their most recent term as missionaries in Kenya. learned to really appreciate Randy the evening he came and spoke to us here, about 7 years ago. His obituary is at
  • Stay tuned as I try to figure out what to do for a summer Bible study. Please let me know if you are especially interested in participating, and if there is a particular evening of the week that will not work for you, and if there is any topic or section of the Bible that you are keen to dive into. I have several ideas, but I always appreciate suggestions.

On the web:

  • Last week I listened to an excellent interview with a scholar and critic of Russian literature. He emphasizes the genius of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, who sought to help us see the glory and holiness of living very ordinary lives for God.
  • An Anglican friend sent us a very helpful prayer from a book called “Every Moment Holy.” You can read some of those prayers for free at



  • This past Sunday’s sermon is on Crosspreach here, on Soundcloud here, and on Dropbox here.
  • This first part of the worship service is on Dropbox here.
  • You can read sermon notes here.
  • You can read bulletins here.

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