Announcements, Recordings, etc., Emmanuel Baptist

Here is info for the Parkdale church for this week…


  • I will be conducting a burial Monday at 11 AM at the Parkdale cemetery for Marshall Cleveland. He requested that those present sing “Because He Lives.” Anyone who would like to come and help with the singing, it would be appreciated.
  • Tomorrow (Sunday, April 28) at 3:30 PM there is a Gospel Concert featuring Addison Locke at the New Cornwall Baptist Church. Potluck supper following the service. Freewill offering in support of Mahone Bay Food Bank.
  • Also tomorrow, at Bridgewater Baptist Church, our Baptist Association is having its annual Spring Rally. Pot-luck at 5, music and a message from 6 – 8. All welcome.
  • May 31Bridgewater Open Bible Church is hosting Robin Mark in Concert. Tickets are available at $20 each. There is family pricing available as well which is capped at $60/family. Please call the church office at (902) 543-3383 or email bobcadmin

On the web: In light of the terrorist attacks on Christians in Sri Lanka last weekend, here is a fascinating story about what it is like to survive such an experience. Four years ago a university in Kenya was attacked. Hear the stories of some of the survivors. It ends with the following Christian response to anti-Christian terrorism: “…So, to all you al-Shabaab guys who have killed my Christian brothers and sisters, I forgive you. Yes, you heard me right. I forgive you. As you fill your heart with hate (just as those angry mobs did 2,000 years ago), I will fill my heart with love – like Jesus did – for truly, you know not what you do.”


  • This past Sunday’s sermon is on Soundcloud here, and on Dropbox here.
  • This first part of the worship service is on Dropbox here.
  • You can read sermon notes here.
  • You can read bulletins here.

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