Announcements, Recordings, etc., Emmanuel Baptist, March 29


    • If you happen to be in Halifax this weekend, you might want to check out “Jesus to the Nations”, the annual conference of missionary agencies, happening at MSVU on the Bedford Hwy. See the info at Aside from the main speakers, there are booths where you can get to know various missionary agencies that are doing fantastic work around the world.
    • Sunday, March 31 there is a “community pot-luck supper” at the Barss Corner Hall at 4 PM. A good chance to meet some new people, reconnect with others etc. It is initiated and hosted by NGAPS. See
    • Also Sunday, March 31 at 3:30 pm  Gospel Concert featuring “Katz Pyjamas” at the New Cornwall Baptist Church. Potluck supper will follow in the Church basement. Proceeds of free will offering to support the Waddell family serving in the Philippines.
    • Tuesday, April 2, I will be conducting the worship service at Rosedale home at 2 PM. All are welcome.
    • Friday, April 5 the Parkdale church is providing food and service at the Lenten Soup Kitchen, at the Anglican Hall in New Germany. Proceeds go to world hunger relief. Come for a $5 meal, from 11:30 to 1:15.
    • April 7, 7 pm, Movie at Barss Corner Church. Tortured for Christ. The cinematic retelling of the love and forgiveness lived out by Pastor Richard Wurmbrand during 14 years of imprisonment and torture for his faith.                 Not recommended for children under 14 years of age.
  • Saturday, April 13 there is a breakfast at the community hall in Maplewood, from 7 – 10:30 AM. Proceeds support the hall.
  • April 28, our Lunenburg-Queens Baptist Association is hosting our annual spring rally, this year at Bridgewater Baptist Church. Pot-luck supper at 5 pm, then music and teaching from 6 – 8 pm. The speaker is Bob Knowles from Crandall University.
  • Someone was asking when Rural Life is this year. It is June 9, at the Parkdale church. Malcolm Beckett will be the special speaker.

On the web:

This week I listened to a very good podcast episode about retirement, aging, and how churches serve people and are served in the midst of those.


  • This past Sunday’s sermon  is on Crosspreach here, on Soundcloud here, and on Dropbox here.
  • This first part of the worship service is on Dropbox here.
  • You can read sermon notes here.
  • You can read bulletins here.

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