Announcements, Recordings, etc., Emmanuel Baptist

Here is info for the Parkdale church for this week…


  • Fridays until Easter, the Lenten soup kitchens are held at the Anglican Hall in New Germany, Fridays from 11:30 to 1:15. A simple lunch for $5, and the proceeds go to world hunger relief. Our church is responsible to help on April 5… Let Merna know if you can provide a dozen rolls or a loaf of brown bread, or help serve.
  • Sunday, March 17 at 7 PM, a documentary movie night at Barss Corner church, “Facing Darkness.” The incredible and miraculous story of Samaritan’s Purse doctor
    Kent Brantley in the face of the Ebola pandemic of 2014. See the trailer at
  • March 18 to 25, I will be away on vacation. Text or phone my cell phone in case of an emergency, and leave a message.
  • Sunday, April 7 at 7 PM, movie night at the Barss Corner church. “Tortured for Christ”, the cinematic retelling of the love and forgiveness lived out by Pastor Richard Wurmbrand during 14 years of imprisonment and torture for his faith.

On the web:

Our Baptist denomination office sent out an email asking us to pray for a presentation this Monday, before the Canadian Senate, regarding the value and rightness of charitable tax status for groups that “advance religion.” See


  • This past Sunday’s sermon is on Crosspreach here, on Soundcloud here, and on Dropbox here.
  • This first part of the worship service is on Dropbox here.
  • You can read sermon notes here.
  • You can read bulletins here.

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